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The need for prayer and financial support is great and it is constant.
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Tim II and Rachel are dedicated to working for the Lord both in foreign fields and here in the United States.

In their overseas work, with NetCasters, they have been deeply involved in the Philippines and are now expanding to work in many other places as well with the goal of building up existing congregations AND taking the Gospel where it has never been.

Tim and Rachel do a great deal of work in the States training soul winners through the Fishers of Men evangelism training course. Tim II is a full-time FOM instructor, and director of the ministry. FOM is a an intensive, how-to training course on person-to-person evangelism.

Tim II began doing foreign mission work in 1996. In 2011, he resigned from full-time pulpit work to go into full-time missions, splitting his time with overseas campaigns and teaching Fishers of Men. For almost three years, He and Rachel worked with experienced missionaries before making the prayerful decision to use the experience they gained to expand the Lord’s work in other places. They had learned a great deal about working in the mission field, leading campaigns, and had a part in the establishment of several new congregations of the Lord’s church. Using what they learned, they prayerfully took another step out on faith to accomplish more for the Cause of Christ and started NetCasters.


NetCasters is dedicated to winning souls and training soul winners. They are blessed to have numerous opportunities before them to work for the Cause of Christ and expand the borders of the kingdom.

The strategy used for world missions is adopted from the greatest world missionary the church has ever seen - the apostle Paul! The focus is to establish new congregations in cities, towns, and villages where there previously had not been a congregation of the Lord’s church, and to build up previously established congregations.

A Family Effort!

The main objective for Tim, of course, is to preach and teach in group settings and conduct many, many Bible studies on a more personal level, guiding people to discover God’s Truth.

Rachel has also been involved in this work for the Lord. In addition to aiding Tim with Bible studies, she has been able to work in the pharmacy as we conduct medical missions, she has been able to speak to ladies, and has worked with numerous children (as pictured). She has been a great blessing to this work for the Lord.

Even our children, Titus, Abigail, and Lily have been a part of this work. They have been on campaigns in the Philippines and made many new friends. Also, because the Filipino’s love them so much, they help to open doors of opportunity to bring souls to Christ!

What a Blessing It Is For Our Family to Be In This Work Together!


What Is It?

The Fishers of Men course is a 12 week training course in person-to-person evangelism. There are 11 class meetings, plus a graduation. Homework and other assignments are to be completed outside of the class meetings.

Although the course is great for preachers and elders, it is designed for the typical member of the Lord’s church with little or no experience in teaching the Gospel. The FOM course involves daily Bible study as well as training in methods of reaching and teaching lost souls.

Some Topics Covered:

  • Discovering and Developing a Person’s Interest in a Home Bible Study
  • Assessing the “Heart Condition” of Prospects
  • How, Where, and When to Get Appointments for Bible Studies
  • Dealing with Questions and Objections
  • Teaching Effectively
  • Creating Godly Sorrow
  • Persuading Scripturally

The principles taught in this course will be helpful and effective with nearly any scriptural teaching tools. However, during the course, the Search for Truth series is used.


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The need for prayer and financial support is great and it is constant.
Can we count on you to be a part of this with us?
Will you help us save souls?
Thank You!