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Matthew 15:10



Matthew 15:10 – When He had called the multitude to Himself, He said to them, “Hear and understand…


And now, Admonition.

Can a person who’s not a Christian–not obedient to God–understand the word of God? There are some in the religious world that say, no, that’s not possible. There are some in the religious world that say, until the Holy spirit acts on someone’s heart, they can’t understand the word of God. Jesus believes differently than that, and I know that because in Matthew chapter 15 verse 10 when he called the multitude to himself, He said to them, Hear and understand. Jesus calls upon people, everyday people, normal people in a crowd of people who are listening to him to hear and understand. Do you know what that means? The Jesus isn’t calling upon them to do something they were incapable of doing. Jesus isn’t calling upon them to do something that the Holy spirit had to act on them before they could do. Jesus is calling upon them to do what God has given us the ability to do, and that is to hear his word, understand it and obey it.

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